Where are you, George Orwell, just when we need you? The Miami Herald reports that last month, "the United Teachers of Dade charged three of its members with anti-unionism and suspended them from their representative positions." The specifics of the charges ("maliciously publishing false reports and working in the interest of an inimical organization") remain unclear, as does the question of who, exactly, brought them. Clear as day, though, is that two of those accused for consorting with inimical agents in parking garages have previously run against UTD's current president, Karen Aronowitz, for leadership positions. One of them, Ronald Beasley, said of his former opponent's faction, "They've been telling us that we're anti-union. But the truth is, their actions have been anti-union." Another defendant, Shawn Beightol, said that his allies have "been fighting to improve the lives of the educators" while the Aronowitzists "are working on behalf of the district." Things are getting ugly. Beware--there are many unregistered ice picks floating around south Florida.

"Dade teachers bicker among themselves," by Kathleen McGrory, Miami Herald, June 3, 2008

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