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Natascha Brooks

Michael Planty, William Hussar, Thomas Snyder, Stephen Provasnik
National Center for Education Statistics
June 2008

The National Center for Education Statistics released one of its major annual reports, "The Condition of Education 2008," last Thursday. It puts a cornucopia of key education indicators in one handy place. One of its most interesting tidbits: private school enrollment has dropped from 11 to 9 percent between 1989 and 2005. Within that category, Catholic schools took the biggest hit--the percentage of private-school students enrolled in them decreased from 55 to 44 percent. (To understand why, see our recent Catholic schools report.) Meanwhile, Conservative Christian and nonsectarian private schools both saw a 5 percent increase in their enrollments. All 100 indicators are located online here. For a more condensed version, check out the highlights.

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