U.S. Department of Education
April 2008

Anybody needing a good collection of basic facts about America's continuing need for stronger, more productive schools and higher achieving kids will find this federal publication useful and readable. It competently summarizes the case for continuing the education-reform struggle, citing NAEP results, international data, graduation rates, and more. It toots the government's horn (on NCLB especially) a bit louder than is warranted, however, and says next to nothing about the considerable progress the U.S. has made on the school-choice front since 1983. It's also nearly silent on the political, organizational, and jurisdictional barriers to bolder reforms and highly selective in its choice of experts and studies, seemingly preferring those in favor with the Office of the Secretary to those on the outs. Still and all, not a bad primer or reminder for those in need of such. Find it here.

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