Pity the school-loving geek in Clarke County, Ga. In a classic case of adults setting a Good Example, the school district cancelled classes last Friday for the Florida-Georgia football game, anticipating empty classrooms. But it wasn't the kids that they expected to go missing. Clark County--and neighboring Madison and Oglethorpe counties--worried they'd find themselves short on teachers. Last year, 137 teachers--twice the daily average--took off pre-game day and the district could find only 113 substitutes. "I've heard parents say that it's ridiculous, but the reality of the situation is, if there are so many people in this system and this community that go to the game--if that's a reality--it's irresponsible [to have school on that day]," opined Barrow Elementary School principal Tad MacMillan. You want to know what's irresponsible, Mr. MacMillan? Irresponsible is denying these students a day of learning for the sake of pigskin rivalry. And too bad, too, since Florida taught Georgia a 39 point lesson on the turf.

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