Faculty bathroom graffiti. That's what some are calling teachers' latest past time. Unlike its aerosol cousin though, this graffiti is of the digital variety and something Gadfly sure knows a thing or two about. But unlike our blog's ideas that stick, these educator scribbles are slimy and slick. It appears teachers aren't just using the blogosphere to share their latest lesson on photosynthesis, but to air their (sometimes explicit) classroom frustrations and dirty laundry. Tales of hangovers--and the resulting ungraded essays--abound. Unbecoming references to students and other tawdry talk have rightly landed some teachers in the principal's office. There the commander-and-chief puts the ruler to their knuckles, reprimanding them for setting a bad example for their students. Our knuckles get a little pink now and then, but we also know that what happens at the Fordham Christmas party stays at the Fordham Christmas party. Teachers should know better and keep their tasteless vignettes off the net.

"In Search of Support, Teachers Turn to Blogging," by Eddy Ramirez, U.S. News and World Report, September 29, 2008

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