There may be no Greek columns to back-drop these stump speeches, but they're still promising big change. In fact, the school corridors and cafeteria tables only serve to emphasize the issues of the day: class trips and cafeteria food. That's right, election fever has hit southern Florida elementary schools--election fever for school council elections. "I will try to get your class more parties and field trips and make school more fun," pledged one candidate. "I am a people person and that's why my slogan is 'Every student counts,'" explained another. Students find themselves evaluating the qualities they cherish in others and, perhaps, themselves. ''They should have excellent grades as president, they should be respectful, they should be nice and they shouldn't lie,'' recommended Miami Shores Elementary fifth grader Shabreya Johnson. And national candidates might well take a page from their younger counterparts. "I won't steal any money," promised fourth-grade treasurer candidate William Howell, "I swear." Now that's a speech promise any constituent would love to see kept.

"Student politicians promise just about anything," by Hannah Sampson, Miami Herald, October 21, 2008

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