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Liam Julian

Andrew J. Rotherham
Philanthropy Roundtable

Wealthy individuals who lose count of their houses may well wonder:
What is the most efficient way for my millions to boost teacher and
principal quality in the public schools? This book is the Philanthropy
Roundtable's answer. Author Andrew Rotherham believes that hiring savvy
administrators and teachers is the smartest way to leaven American
educational worth. "Research has convincingly shown," he writes, "what
parents and educators have long suspected: teachers matter more to
student learning than anything else schools do." Thus, he presents a
comprehensive overview of the who, what, where, why, and how of
developing the human capital of public schools--e.g., the work of Jon
Schnur of New Leaders for New Schools, Teach for America, the Gates
Foundation, etc. Whether you're Uncle Pennybags, or staff his
foundation, or are simply interested in philanthropic efforts to improve
American academics, this book is worth a read. Find it here.

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