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Ben Hoffman

Anthony G. Picciano and Jeff Seaman
Sloan Consortium
January 2009

Trends in online learning are the focus of this report, the follow-up to a similar 2007 study. Since Sloan is "dedicated to helping institutions and individual educators improve the quality, scale, and breadth of online education," readers won't be surprised to find that online learning is up, with 75 percent of districts reporting one or more students enrolled in a fully online or blended course. The authors estimate that more than a million students are engaged in such courses, a 47 percent increase from two years ago. Methodologists may quibble with this estimate--the survey's response rate raises questions--but the numbers seem plausible. There's also plenty of information here about who is providing online learning, and which types of students are availing themselves of it. Check it out here.

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