Will President Bush get a last education laugh? That's what Richard Whitmire, president of the National Education Writers Association and founder of the Why Boys Fail blog, predicts. Eight years ago, Bush took his Texas-style accountability system to Washington, surprising legislators when he unveiled what became No Child Left Behind two days into his first term. And although the damaged NCLB brand has been criticized heavily from almost all sides, Whitmire sees education reform as Bush's lasting legacy. Why? "The notion that Obama would gut a law exposing the maleducation of millions of black children is a fantasy," he explains. Sure, they'll change the name, and maybe they'll really fix the law's flaws (and may we offer a few suggestions?), but accountability is here to stay. We concur.

"Bush leaves gift of education reform behind," by Richard Whitmire, Politico, January 15, 2009

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