James Tooley
CATO Institute
April 2009

James Tooley, the eminent British educationist who introduced the western world to the plethora of "six dollar a month" private schools that serve thousands of poor families in the third world, will shortly publish (with CATO's help) an important new book that recounts his own discovery of these schools, why they're important, what to make of them, and what lessons wealthier lands (and people) might draw from them. "In the fissures of crumbling public education systems," Tooley writes, "a vibrant and confident education industry is beginning to emerge. It is serving the poor as well as the rich. It is bringing much higher standards than appear possible under public education. And with judicious support, it can engage to meet the needs of all, and can innovate through competition to improve teaching and learning and expand the curriculum, in ways that are unimaginable under public systems....My hunch...is that the educational enterprise will go from strength to strength in India and China, and in Africa too. And if for India, why not for us?" Why, indeed, not? You can learn more here.

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