Is Ron Huberman, president of Chicago Transit Authority, the perfect guy to keep Windy City students on the right track? Mayor Richard M. Daley seems to think so. He has named him to fill Arne Duncan's moccasins as he heads to 400 Maryland Avenue. Daley says Huberman's problem-solving management style will keep Chicago Public Schools' trains running on time. But he won't be driving alone. An internal disagreement--and an understandably angry passed-over chief education officer--has resulted in a two-person partnership: Huberman will share the job with Barbara Eason-Watkins, Duncan's former right-hand woman. But who will be the engineer on that train? We gotta wonder if Huberman's resumé has prepared him for leading CPS. Certainly, some of the same rules apply--no eating and drinking except in designated areas, single-file when ascending the stairs, and punctuality, a must. As for Chicago students, we simply hope they make it to class on time--before the doors slide shut. 

"CTA President to run Chicago Public Schools," by Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun-Times, January 26, 2009

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