When a prospective robber "does his homework," the implication is figurative. That is, unless you're this pair of robbers from Sacramento, CA. The two teens, aged 15 and 17, respectively, broke into a home in the Golden State's capital. When the house's owner returned, the aspiring pilferers dropped their backpacks to speed up their fence-jumping retreat. Unluckily for them, inside one of the packs was a school assignment with the suspect's name on it, leading to a speedy arrest. Now, this teaser of a story leaves a whole lot of questions unanswered, starting with, of course, why two students were doing homework in the middle of July. Could we possibly be dealing with summer-school students freelancing in crime? And will they get marked down for tardy assignments presumably held as evidence by the police? Did the suspects get to finish their homework while in juvy jail? But one thing is sure: Crime never pays, and sometimes schoolwork doesn't, either.

"Suspects break into home, leave homework behind," by Steve Large, CBS 13 Sacramento, July 16, 2009

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