Politicians often get themselves into hot water for "flip-flopping" on an issue. Jefferson Township High School students learned this lesson the hard way--and literally. These Ohio high schoolers, days away from year's end, planned a daring defiance of authority: they would stand up to their school's no-flip flop rule by all wearing flip flops on the very same day! The school wouldn't possibly suspend all of the offenders, right? Wrong. "It was mass defiance," cried the outraged principal, Mattie White. Even worse, prank planning spread like wild fire via illicit text-messaging. (Quelle horreur!) Students ignored repeated warnings, she explained, and all of them deserved their two-day separation from school. (Students, on the other hand, were probably beachy-keen about their unexpected two day vacation.) What a lot of flap over a little flip (flop).

"Area students suspended after 'mass' flip-flop prank" by Amelia Robinson, Seen and Heard Blog of The Dayton Daily News, May 28, 2009

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