Ah, the unexpected consequences of budget woes. Low on funds, the Warwick High (PA) class of 2010 couldn't afford silver picture frames and gold money clips--pricey prom mementos from years past when class coffers were, ahem, loaded. But when the impish teens submitted the prom party favor purchase order to the school, they referred to their desired alternative knick-knack as simply "prom souvenirs"; sounded innocuous enough, so the principal quickly signed off. When the 450 trinkets arrived in time for the cafeteria gala--draining the class's paltry treasury, no less--school administrators were dismayed to discover that, in teenage parlance, "souvenirs" actually meant "shot glasses." Assistant principal Scott Galen admits the purchase "sends the wrong message," but we're more concerned this incident could send other things too, like teens to jail for underage drinking or alcohol-related driving incidents. It might be a good idea for the school to take a second look at the "souvenir" suggested for graduation.

"Pa. high school orders shot glasses as prom favors; official says party committee low on funds," Associated Press, May 13, 2009

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