Any good writer knows that rigorous editing is essential to a polished product. Graffiti artists, take note. English teacher Beth Biskobing has had enough of the (often) obscene graffiti in her neighborhood. What galls her most? The poor grammar employed by these artistic vandals. So she's taken matters into her own hands by posting grammatical corrections of the offending taggers' verbiage in prominent places. For example, Biskobing's careful editorial pen turned "Where da bi**ches at?" into "Where are the female dogs?" "The use of the verb are allows you to write a COMPLETE SENTENCE. (Without it, you have a fragment, of course--missing the predicate of the sentence. The subject is dogs.)," she explains in one pamphlet. No activist, Biskobing hopes to use a smattering of public humiliation to convince the offenders to think twice before they spray. Gadfly is certain she would agree that such behavior is something up with which we will not put!

"Teacher attacks vandal's faulty grammar," by Jim Stingl, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 14, 2009

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