Some high-school senior pranks leave lasting damage and result in criminal charges for the perpetrators. Other antics live in memoriam after the cow has been coaxed off the school roof. And some pranks are simply impressive, like the one pulled off by two students in Fruita, Colorado. Seniors Alex Almy and Jesse Poe planned a midnight run to weld a po-mo-style spray-paint-decorated Eagle hatchback (that's a car) around the Fruita Monument High School's flagpole. Yes, around. The two were punctilious in more ways than one. They covered the car with a tarp as they made their dead-of-night drive and they had two friends look out for police as they completed the deed--but they also ran the idea past their parents and were thoughtful about how the mischief would be received. "We thought a lot about if people would think we're disrespecting the flag," Poe explains. "I'd feel really bad if a veteran or someone took it that way. That's why I wrote ‘God Bless America' on the side of [the car]." Darling, aren't they? All in all, school administrators thought the prank showed "a lot of Wildcat pride," and as long as they help remove the affixed vehicle from the school's patriotic mast, they won't get in trouble. Gadfly sees a promising future for these boys in modern art. 

"Fruita Monument seniors pull off quite the prank," by Richie Ann Ashcraft, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, May 1, 2009

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