It takes a village

If given the option, would you live, work, sleep, and socialize all in the same place? According to Ron Beit, the answer is yes. That’s the choice he’ll be presenting to a cadre of teachers who will staff Teachers Village in Newark’s historic but blighted Four Corners District. Approved by the city a few months ago, and set to break ground this summer, the $120 million complex is to include three charter schools serving 1,000 students and 221 residential units for their teachers, and presumably others. Nearby, a complementary retail corridor would be installed, and down the road, a hotel, condos, and a parking garage. The purpose is multifold: Rejuvenate a dying neighborhood, boost a flagging economy, attract young professionals looking for an urban lifestyle, and present (presumably) more good charter options to Newark’s low-achieving population. We hope the accompanying charter operators are as top-notch as this plan is ambitious.

Charter School Teacher Villages being constructed in New Jersey,” by Danny Weil, The Daily Censored, July 31, 2010