When 17-year-old Brandon Frost wore his Indianapolis Colts jersey last
Friday to support his hometown football team, his school’s principal was
less than receptive. See, Frost had moved three years ago from Indiana
to rural Louisiana, where Maurepas High School principal Steve Vampran
had relaxed the student dress code for Black-and-Gold Day in honor of
the New Orleans Saints. Except Frost supported the opposing team in
Sunday’s Superbowl match-up. After being send to the principal’s office
during his first period class, Frost was told he could either remove the
offending jersey or go home. “If you like Indiana so much, why don’t
you go back?” Vampran is reported to have queried. (Clearly the
“self-esteem” movement hasn’t made it yet to this corner of Louisiana.)
Frost’s frustrated father called the ACLU, which promptly wrote a
strongly worded letter to Principal-cum-Saints-fan Vampran. Sunday declared the Saints victorious; let’s let this young Colts fan lick his wounds in peace.

"Colts Jersey Causes Clash at La. School," by Janet McConnaughey, Associated Press, February 5, 2010

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