While the devastating effects of Haiti’s January 12earthquake
remain agonizing, there has been an upwelling of compassion and
generosity across America, albeit with a couple of odd twists. Donations through text messages
are an incredibly popular route, with contributions currently topping
$27 million. Clinton and Bush 43 have teamed up to create the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund
for emergency and long-term relief. And New York City Chancellor Joel
Klein has temporarily suspended the city-wide ban on bake sales. In an
attempt to curb obesity in city schools, NYC DOE placed a number of restrictions
on where, when, and how student clubs and parent associations can raise
money during school hours and on school property. For the moment,
however, Big Apple students are now free to buy their cake, and eat it,
too, so long as the proceeds go to Haitian relief efforts. One notes
that the trans-fats, processed sugar, and refined carbs they will
consume as a result, even if bad for their waistlines, is in the
interest of a most worthy cause.

School Bake Sales are Back On, But Only for Haiti,” by Jennifer Medina, New York Times, January 15, 2010

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