The vice principal at a San Diego tech-themed magnet middle school
must not have been very hip, rad, phat, or da bomb diggity in the 90s.
The slang-challenged fellow recently confused a student’s science
project that was da bomb for being…a bomb. An 11-year-old brought the
home-made device, intended as a motion detector, to school to share with
friends--and wound up with quite a commotion on his hands. In fact, it
took a school-wide evacuation, x-rays, and a bomb sniffing robot for the
school to determine that the child’s project was harmless. After
searching the boy’s home for further threatening-looking paraphernalia,
school officials let the boy go home. But don’t worry, they say, for
they won’t be prosecuting him. We’d have liked to see that
legal argument. Prosecuting for what? His interest in science? His
self-directed initiative to work on a science project on his own time at

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