stack of money

Stand for Children and Democrats for Education Reform channeled over
$3.5 million into the campaigns of reform-minded candidates in Illinois,
Colorado, New York, and elsewhere during the run-up to this week’s
election—over twelve times what the two groups offered in 2008. While
they are still grossly outspent by the unions (three-to-one in Illinois,
for example), this non-trivial clump of cash offered shelter to some
Democrats facing storms after bucking union bosses. As DFER’s Joe
Williams put it, “This year, we wanted to show that we understand the
rules and protocols that most other interest groups follow.” Better
still, he (and Stand’s Jonah Edelman) seem to be quick studies: Michael
Bennet (D-CO), a DFER darling, won by a razor-thin margin, and of eight
candidates Stand supported in Illinois, five took control of their
seats. If this feels a bit unseemly, get over it. As Edelman said, “It’s
about money, money, money.”

(Photo by AMagill)

Education groups challenge unions,” by Stephanie Banchero, Wall Street Journal, November 3, 2010.

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