District leaders faced with tough decisions on budgetary matters
would be wise to turn to this guide from Education Resource Strategies
(one in a helpful series).
There they’ll find a self-assessment through which they may uncover
deficiencies in their approaches to spending, based on three criteria:
equity (in resource allocation across the district), transparency (in
the allocation process), and flexibility (for school leaders). The
publication also supplies analyses and worksheets allowing district
leaders to dig deeper. For example, it analyzes the fiscal consequences
of an inefficient distribution of programs like special education
classes across schools. It asks district leaders to determine how
students are matched with these programs and then recommends that
student placement become more strategic. This self-help book is a
valuable resource, particularly when joined to Fordham’s recent volume or our upcoming event.

Education Resource Strategies, School Funding Systems: Equity, Transparency, Flexibility, (Watertown, MA: Education Resource Strategies, September 2010).

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