• Are Duncan’s waivers
    necessary or illegal? Are they both? Martha Derthick and Andy Rotherham offer
    their takes
    on the issue in the latest Education Next. And given that eleven states have just
    filed their early-round waiver applications
    , these are important
  • Nerds in the ranks,
    breathe a sigh of relief for your younger compatriots—those still walking the
    halls of America’s secondary schools. The influx of blended learning and
    tech-enabled education has made
    the need for lockers a thing of the past
    in some schools. Maybe, soon,
    no more pencil-pushers will need to spend third period crammed inside one.
  • You’ve got to give it to
    Californians for thinking outside the legislative box. Last week, a group
    in Los Angeles conjured
    up a forty-year-old law
    to sue the district for not implementing rigorous teacher evaluations. This week, a
    statewide group frustrated with the legislature’s failure to loosen
    restrictions on online learning is grabbing up signatories to a new
    Student Bill of Rights
    that would greatly expand access to digital
  • Education is
    evolving—digital education is blossoming and the power of the teacher
    unions is weakening. It’s simply the natural order of things, argues Larry Sand
    in the latest City Journal
    (drawing off Terry
    Moe’s arguments
    in Special
  • Looks like ESEA
    reauthorization is now stalled
    until 2012. Too bad Mike’s
    7 for ’11
    won’t all come to pass…
  • Here’s a great use for Race to the Top funds: Florida
    has partnered with the Charter School Growth Fund
    to offer scale-up grants
    to its proven charters and CMOs. Not a bad idea, indeed.
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