• Tucson’s
ethnic-studies program
—does it promote the success of Latino students
or promote victimhood?—may be axed, in the end. This week a
judge ruled
that the program was teaching Latino history and culture
“in a biased, political, and emotionally charged manner.”
• In a biting
State of the State address yesterday
, New York’s governor, Andrew
Cuomo, said that the Empire State’s 2010 teacher-evaluation legislation
“didn’t work.” Where he plans to go from here is unclear.
• Here’s
a novel way to save America’s urban Catholic schools (and they do need
saving, as the Philly archdiocese may close a “staggering
number this spring): Turn them into football
, as one New Jersey school has done.
• The
D.C. Council may need a refresher on what “college-readiness” actually
means, as they consider
requiring that all Washington students apply to college in order to
receive a high school diploma.
• You devoured
Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion
but implementing his techniques in the classroom proved more difficult
than you’d anticipated. Fear not. He’s back with a “field
guide” to his forty-nine teaching techniques
Stanford > Harvard? It’s true—if you’re using Rick
Hess’s 2012 ratings of education scholars
as you metric; the West Coast
school boasts four of the top ten edu-scholars, ranked by “[substantial
contribution] to public debate.

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