The Education Gadfly Show

Insolvent districts, alleged teacher shortages, NOLA’s ed reforms, and the market’s effect on teacher effectiveness.
AP U.S. History, teacher professional development, the myth of the overworked American kid, and math coursework’s effect on college readiness.
U.S. mathletes, career-focused charter schools, Minecraft, and the teacher quality gap.
ESEA amendments, college graduation rates, and pensions
ESEA reauthorization, character, and math instruction.
Disparate impact, Obamacare and ESEA, union agency fees, and how academic instruction affects students’ brains.
Who actually opts out of states tests, charter schools at twenty-five, Cami Anderson’s resignation, and the effects of non-public revenue on public schools.
Student data privacy, Jeb Bush’s education record, questions about curriculum, and the positive effects of working mothers.
Raising college completion rates, faking high school graduation numbers, and an archeological study on Sesame Street.
Common Core–aligned curricula, cut scores, spelling bees, and the benefits of high school athletics.