The Education Gadfly Show

Common Core-aligned tests, career and technical education, liberal arts in elementary schools, and non-cognitive measures.
Opting out, EngageNY's ELA curriculum, career and technical education, cell phones in school, and community college support programs.
Opting out, poverty and opportunity, presidential candidates’ views on education, and the link between AP exams and college outcomes.
Standardized tests, rural education reforms, social mobility, and teacher turnover.
Ed reform’s low-hanging fruit, opting out, a grim view of American education, and the academic achievement of voucher students.
Hess’s "The Cage-Busting Teacher," "Toppo’s The Game Believes in You," Putnam’s "Our Kids," and a leaky teacher pipeline.
The end of federal teacher evaluation mandates, the House overreaches on student privacy, NCTQ’s teacher prep review, and college interruptions. Featuring a guest appearance by NCTQ’s Kate Walsh.
Atlanta cheating, Eva’s Success Academies, poverty and brain science, and measuring Common Core’s effects.
The creators of This American Think Tank bring you a new podcast that investigates a mystery that’s been plaguing the planet for nine months: Who the frack is @thnkscommoncore ?!
Pearson’s snooping, ESEA reauthorization, college-for-all, and Chicago school discipline. Featuring a guest appearance by Bellwether’s Anne Hyslop.