The Education Gadfly Show

The biggest education stories of 2015 (and 2016), how curriculum reform fared over the last twelve months, and the year’s best research studies.
ESSA implementation, TFA students who become TFA teachers, Justice Scalia’s ill-spoken comments on race, and the effect of teacher layoffs on teacher quality and student achievement.
Interstate test comparability, teacher absenteeism in high-poverty schools, special education in charter schools, and school choice in thirty American cities.
The MCAS/PARCC hybrid assessment, Governor Baker’s new workforce skills initiative, Harvard’s new teacher training program, and the state of K-12 computer science education.
Why reformers ought to check their halos at the door, ESEA's final stretch, Baltimore's high-achievers, and students' reactions to news of their AP potential. Featuring a guest appearance by the Ingenuity Project's Lisette Morris.
School discipline, online charter schools, Pell grants for dual enrollment, and the Fordham Institute’s new report about district-charter school relations.
Petrilli and Pondiscio discuss the fallen NAEP scores, debate the meaning of Obama’s pledge to reduce testing, and ponder school dress codes. Amber takes a look at NAEP’s alignment with Common Core math.
Intel’s withdrawal of its Science Talent Search sponsorship, the legitimacy of the “Asian advantage,” charter school policy’s importance to voters, and principals’ opinions of Teach For America alumni.
Education in the first Democratic debate, whether Common Core is winning the war, Arne Duncan’s influence on President Obama’s education policy, and the effects of scaling-up pre-K.
Arne Duncan’s resignation and legacy, John King’s succession to the crown, Friedrichs and the beginning of the new SCOTUS term, and peer effects in college.