The Education Gadfly Show

D.C.’s gender gap at top schools, mission statements, neighborhood school attendance boundaries, and test-based retention.
The Washington State Supreme Court's attack on charters, New York State’s Common Core review, mindfulness in education, and charter schools' impact on Georgia property values.
Education in New Orleans, school governance, Common Core-aligned assignments, and charter school openings in NYC.
Education on the campaign trail, an appetite for gifted schooling, racial opinion gaps on testing, and how teacher expectations vary by race.
An education policy summit, school integration, 2015's Education Next poll, and higher education's effect on Hispanic and black wealth.
Insolvent districts, alleged teacher shortages, NOLA’s ed reforms, and the market’s effect on teacher effectiveness.
AP U.S. History, teacher professional development, the myth of the overworked American kid, and math coursework’s effect on college readiness.
U.S. mathletes, career-focused charter schools, Minecraft, and the teacher quality gap.
ESEA amendments, college graduation rates, and pensions
ESEA reauthorization, character, and math instruction.