The Education Gadfly Show

The testing pushback, a college boost for poor kids, adolescent readers, and school-supporting nonprofits.
The benefits of live theater, how and whether to discipline, detrimental reading tests, and relative school costs.
Civil rights, Christopher Columbus, D.C. school spending, and teacher prep.
Philly’s budget woes, waiver revocations, NYC school grades, and postsecondary education for the disadvantaged.
Common Core reading wars, union endorsements of convicted felons, schools that encourage patriotism, and the health of the charter movement. Gadfly Studios | October 1, 2014
Independence scotched, letting 16-year-olds vote, destructive school boards, think tank journalism, and a deep dive on instructional practices. Amber's Research Minute " Examining the Relationship Between Teachers' Instructional Practices and Students' Mathematics Achievement ," by Janine M...
CCSS myths, noncognitive skills, Dana Goldstein, and gifted ed.
Michelle and Alyssa discuss the lack of male teachers, Bill Gates’s Big History Project, and rating schools with classroom grades. Amber tells us whether school superintendents are vital or irrelevant.
Mike and Alyssa discuss a Kumbaya moment in the Common Core debate, weigh the wisdom of governors suing Arne Duncan, and confirm that charter schools ought to be about choice. Amber schools us on the evolution of teacher evaluations.
Michelle and Robert applaud Secretary Duncan’s reasonableness, question a North Carolina trial judge (but have a solution), and disparage union agency fees. Amber tells us how classroom peers affect the achievement of students with special needs.