The Education Gadfly Show

In this week's podcast, Mike Petrilli and Robert Pondiscio preview Fordham’s long-awaited assessments evaluation, analyze low-income families’ education-related tech purchases, and wave the red flag about TFA’s lurch to the Left. In the Research Minute, David Griffith examines how well the nation’s largest school districts promote parent choice and competition between schools.
In this week's podcast, Mike Petrilli and Robert Pondiscio assess New York State’s decision to end timed tests, extract lessons from a former teacher’s troubled account of his time in the classroom, and discuss the most creative and worthwhile ideas that came out of Fordham’s ESSA Accountability Design competition. In the Research Minute, Amber Northern examines the value of recess.
In this week's podcast, Mike Petrilli and Brandon Wright explain the schisms in the school choice movement, defend career and technical education programs, and discuss Eva Moskowitz’s big speech on school discipline. In the Research Minute, Amber Northern describes the effect of teacher turnover and quality on student achievement in District of Columbia Public Schools.
In this week's podcast, Mike Petrilli and and Robert Pondiscio look at Jeb Bush's recently released education plan through the ESSA lens, knock a proposal to change college admissions from a group of elite schools, and debunk the idea that parents shouldn't help their kids with math homework. In the Research Minute, Amber Northern discusses how student teaching experiences affect attrition rates.
The Friedrichs case and the future of teacher unions, whether schools are asking too much of young students, debating the role of federal regulation under ESSA, and computers’ effect on the writing gap. Mike Petrilli and Robert Pondiscio cohost, and Amber Northern delivers the Research Minute.
The miseducation of Donald Trump voters, a brave and bold take on sex education, student pressure in a New Jersey district, and the effectiveness of school vouchers in Louisiana.
The biggest education stories of 2015 (and 2016), how curriculum reform fared over the last twelve months, and the year’s best research studies.
ESSA implementation, TFA students who become TFA teachers, Justice Scalia’s ill-spoken comments on race, and the effect of teacher layoffs on teacher quality and student achievement.
Interstate test comparability, teacher absenteeism in high-poverty schools, special education in charter schools, and school choice in thirty American cities.
The MCAS/PARCC hybrid assessment, Governor Baker’s new workforce skills initiative, Harvard’s new teacher training program, and the state of K-12 computer science education.