The Education Gadfly Show

Standardized tests, rural education reforms, social mobility, and teacher turnover.
Ed reform’s low-hanging fruit, opting out, a grim view of American education, and the academic achievement of voucher students.
Hess’s "The Cage-Busting Teacher," "Toppo’s The Game Believes in You," Putnam’s "Our Kids," and a leaky teacher pipeline.
The end of federal teacher evaluation mandates, the House overreaches on student privacy, NCTQ’s teacher prep review, and college interruptions. Featuring a guest appearance by NCTQ’s Kate Walsh.
Atlanta cheating, Eva’s Success Academies, poverty and brain science, and measuring Common Core’s effects.
The creators of This American Think Tank bring you a new podcast that investigates a mystery that’s been plaguing the planet for nine months: Who the frack is @thnkscommoncore ?!
Pearson’s snooping, ESEA reauthorization, college-for-all, and Chicago school discipline. Featuring a guest appearance by Bellwether’s Anne Hyslop.
“Failing” schools, data privacy, teacher evaluation in Virginia, and a flawed look at school funding disparities. Featuring a guest appearance by the Data Quality Campaign's Paige Kowalski.
Single parenthood and ed reform, moral truths and the Common Core, and Republicans’ federal education policy paradox.
ESEA reauthorization, the opt-out movement, Indiana vouchers, and college access. Featuring a guest appearance by the Cato Institute’s Neal McCluskey.