What is it about charter schools that's tantalizing enough to lure families away from district schools? Is it Disney vacations? Free TiVo? According to the Kids Ohio survey, it's something less glitzy—plain business sense. Charter schools listen to their clients (parents and teachers) and offer the products (schools) that meet their varying needs accordingly. Among the top reasons why parents and guardians of Columbus charter school students made the switch: 1) the charter schools' attention to safety and discipline; 2) their focus on individual student needs; 3) their ability to address specific, unmet academic or physical needs; 4) their overall quality of education; and 5) their attention to parent-school communication. Of the 371 people surveyed, just 13 percent will return their children to district schools next year. The vast majority were satisfied with their children's new digs. Perhaps the district could lure back a few students with some bling-bling, but probably not. Parents and students have long since learned that all that glitters isn't gold. To read the report, click here.

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