In Ohio, educational management organizations (EMOs) play a significant role in educating children in charter schools. In fact, many charter schools in Ohio are operated by EMOs, and these serve an ever expanding percentage of the state’s charter students. Unfortunately, there has been very little research available to show what impact these providers have had on children’s actual learning. 

A new report by the Comprehensive School Reform Quality Center (CSRQ) is one of the first in the nation to quantify the impact of CMOs on education. The CSRQ Center Report on Education Service Providers evaluates the effectiveness and quality of seven of the largest EMOs in the country; most have some schools in Ohio.

Overall, the study found that only one model, Edison, has a solid body of evidence that it has steadily and consistently improved student achievement. The other models either don’t have enough evidence to rate one way or the other, or declined to give evidence to the researchers.    

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