With so much rhetoric (some of it misleading, and much of it espoused by the state’s teacher unions) surrounding Ohio’s charter school program, it’s easy to overlook key elements of both the program and the 300+ schools that comprise it. Not to mention the profound and positive impact many are having on the reform efforts of traditional school districts, particularly those in urban areas. Editorials in both the Dayton Daily News (see here) and Columbus Dispatch (see here) have justly noted the latter--as well as the expanded opportunities parents have to select schools and programs that best fit the needs of their children. But to help parents, lawmakers and taxpayers further separate fact from fiction about charter schools, we’ve put together “Essential Facts about Ohio’s Charter School Program.” This brief, informative presentation gets to the bottom of Ohio’s charter school program--and, unlike much that is being said about charters, not by scraping it.

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