Regarding an article in the October 31 issue regarding the shooting incident in a Cleveland public school, Rick Boss writes:

"I agree with your analysis of public school issues. But I wonder how you could not mention (according to news reports) that the shooter wore a dog collar and so-called Goth clothing to school. What hope is there for a positive learning environment when kids are allowed to dress this way? That kid was sending a message with the way he dressed and probably his behavior also. The kid I understand; the administrators and teachers, I don't."

Ann Bischoff, of, writes concerning an October 31 article on how dropout recovery charter schools improve the graduation rates for public district schools:

"I just wanted to say great article about dropout recovery charter schools and the impact these programs have on urban grad rates. The influence of these schools is widely unknown inside and outside of districts."

Finally, in connection with an October 31 piece on teacher quality, State Board of Education member Colleen Grady writes:

"I read your editorial regarding teacher quality with interest this morning. I had the testify before the Ohio House Education Committee regarding training and assessment of beginning teachers (HB 347). One of the provisions in the bill that attracted my interest was the lengthening of the entry year program for Ohio teachers to two years instead of the current one. I attached a copy of the article from The Economist you referenced in your editorial. I received a number of questions regarding teacher training and efficacy. My hope is that as this bill receives further consideration, that there may be additional opportunities to further discuss these important issues."

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