There is no question that an obesity epidemic is running rampant among Ohio school children-nearly 21 percent of Ohio's third graders are overweight. But what role, if any, should schools have in curbing this disturbing trend? There is a bill in the General Assembly that would restrict the sale of certain food and beverages in schools (see here)-pushing for milk, juice, and water-which is sure to irk the soft drink companies and many cash-strapped districts that bring in hundreds of thousand of dollars by signing exclusive contracts with them (see here). Others have successfully lobbied to have the state Board of Education adopt physical education standards by the end of the year, although schools aren't required to adopt them (see here). Now some schools are setting guidelines for party treats, asking parents to send carrots or stickers instead of cupcakes for birthdays (see here). Now if we could just get other schools to stop serving Doritos and Oreo Delight for lunch (see here).

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