Education/Evolving predicts the future

Wondering what the future holds for public education? Then check out Education|Evolving's predictions and proposals in "The Other Half of the Strategy: Following up on System Reform by Innovating with School and Schooling."

E|E calls for drastic changes, like new and innovative schools and practices to provide alternative modes of student learning and assessment. One idea: expand the role of technology in schools to capitalize on the strengths of the tech-savvy student population and allow them to explore real-world applications of their learning. Another idea: boost pupil motivation by allowing each student to customize his or her education. The Gadfly can't help but fear a whole generation of students who focus their academic pursuits on "The Life and Times of Hannah Montana."

E|E imagines that traditional schools, as we know them today, will still have a place and the report is a bit starry-eyed in its optimistic expectations for reforms. Nonetheless, this report is an easy read that presents an array of possibilities for the future of public education. Read the report here.