By Brian L. Carpenter
April 2009

This second edition of Brian L. Carpenter's classic, like the first edition, delivers valuable information on effective practices of charter-school governing boards in a straightforward and easy-to-understand fashion.

Whether you are a newly appointed charter-school board member, or a veteran, Carpenter's book is worth reading. New board members will benefit from knowing about key documents they need to keep close by, key questions to ask fellow board members, and basics such as knowing the boundary between governing the school and managing the school. Existing board members will find the book useful to reflect on their experiences.

In addition, the book peppers readers with interesting and instructive examples of what not to do. For example, Carpenter helps boards know if they're interfering with executive management or if they are stepping out of bounds by attempting to resolve parent complaints. Do board members believe they represent a particular constituency (e.g., teachers, parents)? Hint: any answer to this last question besides the taxpayer is incorrect.

It's also worth noting that the book is a good resource for authorizers that are preparing to interview new school applicants or governing board applicants whose charters are up for renewal.

For more information on the book see here.

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