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Sarah Pechan, School Choice Ohio

Here are a few excerpts from award-winning School Choice Ohio (see here) essays written by students who received EdChoice scholarships this year. Students wrote concerning how their learning opportunities have helped them. The topic was "Voices of School Choice."

"The EdChoice Scholarship has changed my life and my future. For the past two years, the EdChoice Scholarship has been my way to go to private school. I am...better and more focused at learning, I am more challenged at the private school, and I have better prospects to further my education."
(First prize winner - Elexus, high schooler in Dayton)

"In public school there had always been fights. But at my current school you would have more chances to see monkeys fly than see a fist fight."
(Second prize winner - Aisha, sixth grader in Columbus)

"I wish my old friends could come here and see how much fun learning can really be."
(Third prize winner - Brandon, fourth grader in Mansfield)

"I have greatly improved in all my school classes because the EdChoice program let me come to this school. My math and reading skills have extremely improved. My Papa and Nana would have never been able to pay for this kind of education. My school was considered "underachieved" and I would have been there if it wasn't for EdChoice.
(Amaya, third grader in Lorain)

"Thank you for helping me to reach my goals and obtain an excellent education."
(Jordan, ninth grader in Youngstown)

by Sarah Pechan, School Choice Ohio

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