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For many of you, July means vacation time. There's nothing better to do during those long flights, layovers, hours in the sand, or just ?stay-cations? in the backyard hammock than catch up on reading. If you're tired of hearing about the status of Lindsay Lohan's jail sentence, or weary of pining over Travel & Leisure's suggestions for future vacations, Ohio Education Gadfly has just the thing. Check out our latest summer reading edition, which pulls together the latest education policy papers and reports, and summarizes and analyzes them for you in digestible short reviews. Summer reading doesn't have to lack substance, and for education enthusiasts ? sometimes vacation can feel too long to be away from education commentary.

There's plenty on tap for everyone. The reviews cover a range of issues, from evaluations of the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program and Denver's ProComp system, essays on urban Catholic schools in 12 American cities, to a nuanced look at whether full-day kindergarten is necessary, and an interesting take by school finance gurus on productivity in K-12 schooling.

Be sure to peruse it, or print it to have on hand in case Anthony Bourdain's latest book is making you too hungry or you don't want to be away from ed news for too long.

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