• When it comes to performance in the classroom, Teach For America corps members measured up well against traditionally prepared teachers who had graduated from the University of North Carolina, according to a UNC study released in April. At every grade level and subject studied, TFA grads did “as well as or better than” the UNC-prepared teachers. Check the report out here for detailed Powerpoint and PDF versions of the findings.
  • In his new blog for Catalyst Ohio, Scott Stephens evaluates arguments for performance pay for teachers. High on his list of concerns: the quality of the tests.
  • Ohio has more charter school authorizers than all of its surrounding states combined! Find this and other useful information in this handy interactive map from the National Association for Charter School Authorizers.
  • A new report from the Center for American Progress highlights spending inequities within school districts in California. (See some Ohio examples in our 2007 report on weighted-student funding, here.) As veteran teachers move out of poor-performing schools, they take their higher salaries with them. The sum effect is more spending in better performing schools and less spending in poorly performing ones. As EdWeek points out, this study of schools in California may foreshadow the results of comprehensive data due this winter from the U.S. Department of Education.
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