• Apparently if you’re a college professor with a tattoo there’s a good chance that you’ll be loved by your students.  According to a recent psychological study – as featured on the NYTimes’ Freakonomics blog, students believe that professors with tattoos are better educators and motivators and are preferred over their non-inked peers. 
  • Several schools districts around the country are strapped for cash and trying to think of any way possible to save money.  A school district in Massachusetts is contemplating charging for bus service for students who live within a two-mile radius of the school.   If this ideas flies, parents could have to pay up to $500 to get their children to school. 
  • Recent SAT scores for the class of 2010 remain unchanged from last year.  Students averaged 1,509 out of the possible 2,400 points, the same score as last year’ test takers.  Nearly 1.6 million students took the test, a record number. In Ohio, black students scored 96 points lower in reading and 114 points in math compared with their white counterparts, a disheartening fact. 
  • A recent article by Education Week points out that schools are missing out on important attendance tracking information that could make a difference in a child’s education.  Did you know that one in ten kindergartners misses at least a month of school every year?  Check out more interesting facts about student attendance here
  • Last week the U.S. Department of Education and Arne Duncan announced this year’s National Blue Ribbon Schools; 254 public and 50 private schools were given the top honor based on their high performance.  This year 18 schools in Ohio were given the award.  Check out the complete list of winners here.
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