Pie Network
September 2010 

This report from the Policy Innovators in Education Network (PIE) is a field guide for anyone wishing to develop an effective state advocacy organization to move education reform forward on his/her home terrain. The second of its kind (the original Rabble Rousers came out in 2006), it includes case studies that highlight advocates in various states (Kentucky’s Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, Washington’s Partnership for Learning, Advance Illinois, and the Texas Institute for Education Reforms, to name a few.) The report lays out the “nuts and bolts” of creating an effective advocacy organization (hint: it says that talent, not funding, is the most important ingredient at the outset) and even provides a “top ten” list of recommendations for advocates seeking to do something similar to what PIE Network organizations are currently doing on the ground in their states. 

Check it out here.

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