Spending on K-12 education has increased continuously over the last several decades, while achievement remains flat. What can districts and schools do, especially now that Ohio faces a $6-8 billion budget cliff in the next biennium? District superintendents, treasurers, lawmakers, policymakers, and education reformers gathered September 27 in Columbus to find answers at Fordham’s Stretching the School Dollar event (read about the book, published by Harvard Education Press, here). To discuss smart cost savings, we invited economist Marguerite Roza, Steven Wilson of the NYC-based charter management organization Ascend Learning, and Fordham’s own Eric Osberg and Terry Ryan. The overwhelming consensus? The time is ripe for dramatic reforms, a complete overhaul of how we view teacher compensation/benefits as well as class-size reduction policies, a rethinking of online learning and productivity in education, and more. You can view the panelists' Power Point presentation here. And be sure to check out the full video of our event, “Stretching the School Dollar: Insights for the Buckeye State,” online here.

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