• You know that education reform has reached new levels of awareness when Saturday Night Live has a parody of Geoffrey Canada, the founder and CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone. DeAndre Cole, played by Kenan Thompson, dancing and chanting “raising our expectations, he’s raising our expectations” shows that ed reform can be hilarious while promoting an important message. This video may also serve as your “learn something new every day” fact– Bill O’Reilly says he used to be a school teacher in Miami.
  • For the 3rd consecutive year, the Chicago all-boy charter school Urban Prep Academies has 100% of its graduating class admitted to a four-year college or university. The school not only has an impressive acceptance rate, but also an impressive retention rate with 83% of the 2010 graduates enrolling for their second year of college. It is a “signing” day.
  • That old excuse “my dog ate my homework” still won’t get you out of work, but “my cat ate my homework” can be a very legitimate reason as to why your assignment is in pieces.
  • Dayton Public and Beavercreek schools can proudly say they don’t serve “pink slime” in their school lunches. Springboro and Centerville schools are investigating further to see if this beef filler is served.
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