a handy nutshell summary of state charter school laws and how they stack up
against the Model Charter School Law developed by the National Alliance for
Public Charter Schools (NAPCS)? Then check out the third edition of NAPCS’s Measuring Up to the Model: A Ranking of State Charter School Laws.

report highlights the gains and losses of each state’s ranking against the
Model Law, and contains capsule summaries of existing state provisions and how
they measure up (or not). While Ohio made some positive changes to certain
charter school provisions in the most recent budget bill (e.g., improvements to
authorizer accountability, lifting outdated moratoriums, expanding the areas in
which new start-up schools may open), other states made more substantial
changes and, as a result, Ohio ranks 28th out of the 42 states with
charter laws.

to the Ohio Department of Education, approximately 106,534 Ohio students attend
charter schools as of February 2012. Regardless of rankings, Ohio policymakers
should continue to seek improvements to Ohio’s charter school program. Removing
the two school limit on board membership for trustees of high performing
schools, scrutinizing transportation funding to ensure that charter schools
that choose to transport their own students are funded fairly, examining
potential conflicts of interest between sponsors (aka authorizers) and updating
existing Ohio law to align with federal language regarding single gender
charter schools would be a solid start.

addition to the written report, NAPCS also provides an interactive,
state-by-state map, available here.

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