math education has never been more important for our students.

from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the workforce
finds that over their lifetimes, students who majored in engineering, computer
science or business (all math-heavy fields) earned as much as 50 percent
more than those who majored in the humanities, the arts, education and
psychology.  All Ohio students will face more rigorous expectations for
math learning as Ohio transitions to the Common Core academic content standards
in just a few years – but how can the Buckeye State’s math teachers, curriculum
designers, and students adjust?  That’s the topic of an exciting
discussion next month in Columbus.

Devlin, Stanford University professor, Carl Sagan Prize Winner, and NPR’s “math
guy”, will offer a keynote presentation followed by a robust panel discussion
featuring David Ferrero, chief STEM advisor for the Bill & Melinda Gates
Foundation; Brian Boyd, founding principal of the Dayton Regional STEM school;
and other state and local math education experts. 

The event will be held Tuesday, February 21, from 11:30 to 2:30pm (lunch will be provided) at the ESC of Central Ohio.

to Elaine Organ: [email protected]
by Wednesday, February 15. Space is limited, and the event will be webcast

The event is presented free of charge by the
ESC of Central Ohio, Nord Family Foundation, Thomas B. Fordham Institute.

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