It’s a new year and a new look for the
Fordham website.  (Check it out and let us know what you

2012 also brings a new approach to our
blog. In the past Flypaper has served as the main and only blog
for the Fordham team, allowing for a variety of voices to share their opinions
on various topics in the ed-policy world. But we at Fordham believe that a
group blog has its limits so we now have six separate blogs, each with their
own authors, focusing on specific topics. Read an explanation of the new blogs here for a better understanding of what
topic each new blog will focus on.

Most exciting out of this change for
our small (but mighty!) team here in Ohio is that we now have our own blog, Ohio Gadfly Daily. This blog will be
co-authored by the entire Fordham-Ohio team (with occasional guest bloggers)
and will allow for keen daily insight into Ohio’s education policy scene.  As always our Ohio Education
will continue to provide thoughtful
and original analysis and commentary on all things relevant to K-12 education
in the Buckeye State.

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