Google has attempted to bring
online educational videos safely into the classroom by creating a Youtube site that is dedicated to
all levels of education, from help in K-12 classes to full university courses
to lifelong learning videos.

Teachers will be getting some help
re-aligning their existing lesson plans with the Common Core. A new software
will help convert existing lesson plans or assist teachers in
creating their own tests and assignments. It also keeps a portfolio for each
student to show progress throughout the year.

The U.S. Department of Education
released a report “Advancing
Civic Learning and Engagement in Democracy”
as a call to action for more
civic learning. It encourages “action civics” (using technology and social
media for learning and practice) over your “grandmother’s civics” (rote
memorization of dates). (Emmy discussed
how Ohio is already implementing goal #7 of the report with HB 211,
which addresses history in the K-12 classroom.)

Looks like Apple is trying its
luck in the textbook business. Apple recently announced
the release of iBooks2, an interactive textbook software. They hope to
circumvent state regulation on textbooks by releasing the software for free for


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