• Special-education spending recommendations (August 2012)
    Nathan Levenson and his team at the District Management Council have done extensive work on special education spending in Ohio and elsewhere.  Together with the ESC of Central Ohio, Fordham commissioned Levenson to examine state and local special education spending practices and offer recommendations to simultaneously improve the quality of services provided to students with special needs while achieving greater cost-effectiveness in an era of diminishing resources.
  • Annual analysis of Ohio school performance (August 2012)
    As in past years, we will analyze the academic performance results of Ohio’s schools, with a special focus on the state’s urban centers and charter schools.  This year’s analysis will have an improved focus on charter school performance in four major cities—Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Dayton. We’ll look at how charters compare with their district peers—for not only the past school year but also the past decade. And in addition to looking back at the past ten years, we’ll also peer into the future, with some projections of what statewide proficiency rates may be when the Common Core State Standards come to the Buckeye State in 2014-15.
  • Statewide Study of Student Mobility (September/October 2012)
    This analysis, among the first of its type and scale in the country, uses student-level data from the Ohio Department of Education to examine student mobility trends across the state. It will take a deep look at mobility in the major metro areas and the state’s e-schools, and will tie mobility data to student academic performance, discipline history, and other available student and school information. The analysis is being conducted by Community Research Partners and co-funders include the Siemer Institute for Family Stability, the American Federation of Teachers/Ohio Federation of Teachers, KidsOhio.org, KnowledgeWorks, the Nord Family Foundation, School Choice Ohio as well as the Columbus Foundation, the United Way of Central Ohio, and others.
  • Needles in a Haystack high-school edition (October 2012)
    This report is a follow-up to our 2010 report, Needles in a Haystack: Lessons from high-performing, high-need urban schools, which profiled seven of Ohio’s top urban elementary and middle schools. In the high-school edition, Fordham fellow and veteran journalist Peter Meyer profiles six high-performing urban public high schools in the Buckeye State: Cleveland’s John Hay Early College High School and School for the Arts, Columbus’s Centennial High School and Columbus Alternative High School, and Dayton’s Dayton Early College Academy and Stivers School for the Arts.  (October 2012)



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